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Challenger by ExplodedPineapple

wow !!! this is VERY beautiful and i kid you not !!! visually speaking , the effects are amazing . the shadows ( specially the shadows ...

Follow Me by ExplodedPineapple

as expected from an awesome artist like yourself , this is really perfect !!! the background is beautiful , the character is also well ...


I did it !!! by BigMaleforFan
I did it !!!
boy did this take forever !!!

i decided to give MentalRay another go , and the results were soooooo worth it !!! and it's only around 70000 polys !!! still got it i guess !!!

i based the model on a tutorial i once saw , not sure how similar they are . in the tutorial the guy modeled a gun from fallout .

p.s. : i know , i suck at titles , don't bother bringing that out !!!
sorry to bother you , people . but something's really troubling me .

as some of you know , me and some of my friends have been working on a project in the past 4 years . a game , about the rise and fall of malefor the dark master . we had come a really long way , and the project was nearing completion . how is that bothersome ?

:bulletgreen: our group had modeled the levels and the characters .
:bulletgreen: we had written a very complicated and twisted plot that made " the sting " and " evangelion " look like " finding nemo " .
:bulletgreen: as for programming , the scripts were almost finished , we even wrote a program that turned human anatomy into dragon anatomy ( a video clip was received as input )
:bulletgreen: we used martial artists ( Judo , Tae Kwon DO , Karate , Hapkido , and several others ) to develop moves suited for dragon anatomy .
:bulletgreen: we borrowed characters from DA story writers we knew , including but not limited to : :iconironarmy: , :iconlyreice: and :iconseeraphine: .
:bulletgreen: our animators were the finest we could find , they could make animated scenes comparable to the ones Hollywood makes .
:bulletgreen: the AI system ( which i had written ) was among the most realistic ones in the gaming industry . the characters and the environment responded in a real time fashion , and it worked perfectly for any situation in the game .
:bulletgreen: the prototype of that game alone , received an award in my country , best game of the year .

and now , thanks to an infected flash drive , ALL OF THAT IS RUINED Flippin' Tables 

:bulletred: the programs , the cutscenes , the models , along with several more personal stuff have all been deleted .
:bulletred: without models , our backups are useless .
:bulletred: since the code was heavily modified , our backup versions won't work in the correct manner , even with the models .
:bulletred: our group has pretty much broken up.
:bulletred: if we are to finish the backup version , we need much more time . we don't have time , instead we have time consuming jobs .
:bulletred: our recovery programs have failed to recognize the deleted files .

rage now can you see , why i'm so upset ?

i told you this , to let you know , there's very little chance of that game ever getting built . which fills me up with a murderous rage i've never experienced before .

having said that , i'd like to thank the people who helped us make this possible , with their direct and/or indirect support . specially :iconexplodedpineapple: and :iconironarmy: .

enough rant , i'm gonna go kill myself now .

p.s. : sorry about the updates , i was too angry to write in proper English .
  • Mood: Hostile
  • Listening to: prayers
  • Reading: my will
  • Watching: my grave
  • Playing: the game , in my mind
  • Eating: my anger
  • Drinking: my tears
I'd like to , but ... by BigMaleforFan
I'd like to , but ...
my number 1 excuse for skipping parties , university , boring meetings , and anything else !!!

i was watching the simpsons when i saw this scene , and since i could really relate to Dr. Hibbert , i decided to make a tribute !!!

enjoy !!!

the scene and Dr. Hibbert belong to ... who owns the simpsons ?
this pic belongs to me .
Stonehenge Turret Network by BigMaleforFan
Stonehenge Turret Network
O Fortuna , velut Luna , statu variabilis !!!

this superweapon acted as a catalyst in Erusea's crusade against her many enemies . its power and potential to be used against most aircraft granted the country many easy victories , that were otherwise out of reach . after its defeat , the Erusean government did not rest until this weapon was rebuilt , and gave the military everything it needed , until finally , the weapon was operational again . having accomplished so difficult a task , the Erusean government decided to use its capabilities to assist the weaker nations defend themselves against their enemies in exchange for political control . having many similarities with the moderately strong nation of Fato , the Erusean government chose them despite the higher bids . the turrets are currently under the supervision of Erusea's tactical weapons division , and is locked onto the H.E.R base in Fato .

i hope you enjoyed the " imaginary " scenario above !!!

the Stonehenge and the Erusean logo belong to namco
the emblem in the bottom right also belongs to namco
the lyrics at the top are from Carl Orff's famous song , O' Fortuna
this picture was done in MS paint , Photoshop and 3ds max
[ ] smoked
[ ] consumed alcohol
[ ] slept in the same bed with someone of the opposite sex 
[ ] slept in the same bed with someone of the same sex ( EWWWW )
[ ] kissed someone of the same sex ( EEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW !!! )
[ ] kissed someone of the opposite sex 
[x] had someone in your room other than family (( friend..))
[ ] watched porn
[ ] bought porn 
[x] tried drugs ( all day long !!! )

[x ] taken painkillers
[ ] taken someone else's prescription medicine 
[x] lied to your parents ( not proud of it )
[x] lied to a friend (( jokingly but yes ))
[ ] sneaked out of the house
[x] done something illegal ( i'm doing something illegal right now !!! )
[x] felt hurt 
[x] hurt someone 
[x] gotten into a fight (all day , every day !!!)
[x] wished someone to die
[x] seen someone die

[ ] missed curfew
[ ] stayed out all night 
[ ] eaten a carton of ice cream by yourself
[x] been to a therapist
[ ] received a ticket 
[ ] been to rehab
[ ] dyed your hair
[x] been in an accident
[ ] been to a club 
[ ] been to a bar

[ ] been to a wild party.
[ ] drank more than three alcoholic beverages in a night 
[ ] had a spring break in Florida 
[ ] sniffed anything 
[ ] wore black nail polish 
[ ] wore arm bands 
[ ] wore t-shirts with band names 
[x] listened to rap ( yeah but it wasn't by choice )
[ ] owned a 50 Cent CD

[ ] dressed gothic (( kinda....?))
[ ] dressed lolita 
[ ] dressed girly
[ ] dressed punk (( I tried xD))
[ ] dressed grunge ((gonna try..))
[x] stolen something ( you , of your privacy !!! )
[ ] been too drunk to remember anything
[ ] blacked out
[/ ] fainted ( kinda )
[x] laughed at someone's pain 
[x] had a crush on a neighbor ( i was a kid , and she was really pretty !!! )
TOTAL: 17.5

[x] had a crush on a friend ( the neighbor i mentioned , some friends online )
[ ] been to a concert. 
[ ] dry-humped someone
[ ] been called a slut ( not applicable to me !!! )
[x] called someone a slut 
[ ] installed speakers in your car
[ ] broken a mirror
[ ] showered at someone of the opposites sex's house  
[ ] brushed your teeth with someone else's toothbrush. ( seriously , even i think that's gross !!! )
TOTAL: 19.5

[ ] considered Ludicrous your favorite rapper 
[ ] seen an R-rated movie in theater 
[ ] cruised on mail
[x] skipped school
[x] had surgery
[x] had an injury ( more than i can count !!! )
[x] gone to court 
[x] walked out of a restaurant without paying/tipping ( i don't tip to get bad food !!! )
[x] caught something on fire ( me !!! )
[ ] lied about your age ( not that i can remember )
TOTAL: 25.5

[ ] owned/rented an apartment/house 
[ ] broken the law in the police's presence  
[ ] made out with someone who had a gf/bf
[x] got in trouble with the police
[x] talked to a stranger
[ ] hugged a stranger
[ ] licked a stranger ( :bleh::puke: )
[ ] been verbally harassed
[ ] been physically harassed
TOTAL: 27.5

[ ] met face-to-face with someone you met online 
[ ] stayed online for 5+ hours straight
[ ] talked on the phone for more than 4 hours straight 
[x] watched TV for 5 hours straight
[x] been to a fair
[x] been called a bad influence
[ ] drank and drove
[x] prank-called someone ( it's just so much fun !!! )
[x] laid on a couch with someone of the opposite sex ( my sister !!! )
[x] cheated on a test
GRAND:  33.5
If You Have Less Than 10...Write [I'm a Goody Goody]
If You Have More Than 10...Write [I'm Average]
If You Have More Than 20...Write [I'm a Bad Kid]
If You Have More Than 30...Write [I'm a Bad Influence]
If You Have More Than 40...Write [I'm a Horrible Person]
If You Have More Than 50...Write [I Should be in Jail]
If you have More Than 60...Write [I Should be Shot]
If You Have More Than 70...Write [I Should be Dead]

  • Listening to: trust me , you don't wanna know !!!
  • Reading: difficult code
  • Watching: the monitor
  • Playing: no time !!!
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: your bloooooood

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pedram !!! but you can call me pedi !!!

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That s a little WIP-screenshot. I did this with a tutorial^^!
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