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Challenger by ExplodedPineapple

wow !!! this is VERY beautiful and i kid you not !!! visually speaking , the effects are amazing . the shadows ( specially the shadows ...

Follow Me by ExplodedPineapple

as expected from an awesome artist like yourself , this is really perfect !!! the background is beautiful , the character is also well ...


Kamov Ka-50 : Black Shark by BigMaleforFan
Kamov Ka-50 : Black Shark
behold ...... the ever awesome Ka-50 helicopter !!! and since the stoopid UV guy was unavailable ( again ) , i had to use plain white instead of an awesome camo , sorry about that !!!

aaaaaaand i suck at backgrounds , sue me !!!

done in 3ds max 2012 with great pain !!!

btw , the 015 on the side indicates i have 15 good models so far !!! the rest are just fillers !!!
T-90 tank by BigMaleforFan
T-90 tank
yaaaaaaay more 3d models !!!

as the name says , it's the Russian T-90 tank . i may have missed a few details , but i couldn't possibly care less , i like the model anyway !!!

as usual , the textures were done by my UV guy , who probably just googled some kind of camouflage .

enjoy !!!
Seirgay by BigMaleforFan
heyoooooo !!! 2 deviations in 1 day , wow !!!

Gu found another one of our models we had used for our game , and sent it to me at my request . it's the character Seirgay from :iconlyreice:'s story " malefor's true tale " . we used this model for some time before i realized i had screwed up many little details !!! but Gu told me that i described the character as " a bulky , surly , mean red fighting machine " and no other info was given to him , and since our group was getting lazy , we used the model anyway !!!

he was meant to sound like the character " Kron " from Disney's dinosaur , and he obviously looks a bit like him too !!!

Seirgay and malefor's true tale belong to :iconlyreice:
it was modelled by me , and sculpted by :iconguidifier:

god i wish the game was made , it was so awesome !!! anyhoo , enjoy .
Challenger I tank by BigMaleforFan
Challenger I tank
another thing i found in le vault !!! love the details on this one !!!

sadly , the stoopid UV guy wasn't available , so i had to do the material myself . and to no one's surprise , it sucks !!!
tagged by my good friend :iconbiospectrumnox:

You must post these rules:

1. Each person must share 10 things about them. 
2. Answer the 10 questions asked to you, and invent 10 new questions that shall be asked to the people you will tag. 
3. Choose 10 people, and put their icon on your journal. 

Ten things about me 
1. i got tagged ( hihihi ) !!!
2. i still play games from 2003
3. nuthin' , and no one can stop me from eating !!!
4. i always like antagonists in movies ( just now , i finished watching the Hobbit : the desolation of Smaug , well you can guess who my favorite character was !!! )
5. i love to design , hate to make !!!
6. i have an awfully large vault of 3d stuff ( i think it's about 10 GBs !!! )
7. i like happy , hyper characters . 
8. i'm in a love-hate relationship with dogs !!!
9. i REALLY want to visit the US at least once before i die .
10. i can't think of anything else !!!

Questions To Answer!!! :squee:

1 ) What is your favourite colour? (color and why?
uhhhhhh ......... ummmmmmm ........... yellow ? it's so ....... yellow !!!

2 ) what tv shows do you like most? 
the .......... simp ......... sons !!!

3 ) what is your favourite activity?
uhhhhhhhhhh ....... trust me , you don't wanna know !!! it's bad for the safety of everyone on DA ( of course , not including my friends )

4 ) do you like doing crafts? (or creating things? like novels, media content?) 
yup !!! but i don't always make the things i make in my mind .

5 ) do you have any pets? if yes, can you tell me?
not including the stupid dog in my neighborhood that keeps licking my hand for 10 minutes every morning ? and will wake the entire street if we don't feed her every night ? no !!!

6 ) for the 2015 oscar awards, which movie you want to win and why?
i don't even know what movies were nominated !!!

7 ) hmm... what kind of computer/mobile do you have? 
computer ? Lenovo X220 . mobile ? Nokia 1100 !!!

8 ) at that question.. what would you want to have?
i don't know , i'm happy with what i have , and they've served me well so far . so i guess i'm keeping them .

9 ) hmm what's your favourite candy?
anything that can be called " candy " !!!

10 ) what do you think about Lego Movie? OwO!
i knew you were gonna ask this !!! i thought it was childish , but kinda funny at some moments , and waaaaaay too predictable !!!

now it's MY turn , to ask questions from YOU !!!

1 ) do you trust me ?
2 ) something you hate has been legislated by your government ( it can be anything ) , what do you do ?!!!
3 ) you wake up , only to see you've turned into an animal , what do you do ? what DO you DO ?!!!
4 ) ( US citizens only ) which state and city would you recommend for me to visit ?
5 ) someone has harmed you , and i've got him/her , what should i do ?
6 ) if i stole your password , and posed around as you for a whole day , what would you do ? ( just asking , i've never actually done this !!! )
7 ) that plane you just got on was the wrong one , and is headed to Baghdad !!! how would you react ?!!!
8 ) if i offered you one chance , and one chance only , to teach you something useful but illegal , would you accept it ? why ?
9 ) do you think i have what it takes to study AI ?
10 ) someone forces you to keep me in your house for one whole year , under penalty of torture !!! what would you do ?!!!

tagging time !!!
1 ) :iconexplodedpineapple:
2 ) :iconkathrin656: !!!
3 ) :iconaliyaria:
4 ) :iconguidifier:
5 ) :iconironarmy:
  • Mood: Obsessed
  • Listening to: " i am fire , i ... am .... DEATH " !!!
  • Reading: woooooooords !!!
  • Watching: Smaug , love that guy !!!
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: oranges
  • Drinking: nothing

Journal History


BigMaleforFan's Profile Picture
you can call me pedi !!!
heyo !!! i'm Pedram ( it's pronounced like " pe-drum " ) . you can call me by any of the following nicknames :

1 ) Pedi
2 ) Pedo
3 ) pedi krueger
4 ) krueger

i'm generally friendly and understanding , and i LOVE making new friends , and i LOVE learning about other cultures . but of course , i have my dark moments . hopefully you'll never witness my dark side . those who have , are no longer with us ................... by which i meant " they're not among my friends anymore " !!!

i have a habit of asking weird and awkward questions , so don't feel offended if you're my next victim , i don't mean anything by it !!!

i'm a major Ace Combat fan ( at least until they took place in Strangereal ) , my favorite country was Erusea , my favorite game was Ace Combat Zero , and i LOVE the soundtrack !!!

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:iconweekenddanceplz: Thank you very much for the watch! :iconweekenddanceplz:
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Now look at this! Some people are screwed once again! h3E4F559B by ExplodedPineapple - The dinosaur-supervisor of doom is back!
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The combined power of the clan managed to find out the song! Edvard Grieg - Morgenstimmung !
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So, I ve made a few screenshots now! WIP Master Sword Zelda by ExplodedPineapple
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Hey buddy, just wanted to drop by and say hi! I just got my new schedule^^! - Seems like I will 3DSmax in Semester 2 (meaning: I will start with Maya :D !) - And the PS-course starts in 2 weeks XD ! I just wanted to say that I will be offline from wednesday til friday every week - At least, that s my guess so far since the study-plan is pretty packed - Not impossible to do, but I think I will be busy fixing my records during that days^^!
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- Just to help you get over that awesome game from this night! (Yes, I m really that much of a jerk XD !)
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You think to yourself now determined: Oh no, who is that? :nuu:

:giggle: But do not worry!
I just say : Sydney ( him think for a female ), what he is not, in my creation! ^_°

Well, now you know who I am? :D (
"Blue is my cousin!" )
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Hey buddy, still busy studying?
Damn, it s a lonely place when you re not there!
Anyways, I m just here for a few words of encouragement: Hang in there!
See ya (hopefully) soon!
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ExplodedPineapple Featured By Owner May 26, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Hey Pedi, I m working with Blender right now and could need a bit help. I  m modellinga simple ring as a start. I already got the model, but I need it to get smoother. Is there a possibility to make it smoother (via Blender Render Engine?) by clicking a button or do I have to insert more "shapes" via loopcut?
That s a little WIP-screenshot. I did this with a tutorial^^!
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happy birfday ^^
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<font><font>Ich denke, dass sie nicht kommen heute online.  </font></font><font><font>Sie müssen ihrer Mutter Computer-Reparatur, sagte sie gestern!</font></font>
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