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Challenger by ExplodedPineapple

wow !!! this is VERY beautiful and i kid you not !!! visually speaking , the effects are amazing . the shadows ( specially the shadows ...

Follow Me by ExplodedPineapple

as expected from an awesome artist like yourself , this is really perfect !!! the background is beautiful , the character is also well ...


Stonehenge Firing
when you take an AC fan who happens to know a bit about 3d animation , add it to too much free time , THIS is what happens !!!

SUPER PROUD OF THIS ONE !!! and maaaaaaaan did it take forever !!! i think it took well over 40-50 hours , the reason i haven't been very active in the last few days .

i tried to make the scene as similar as i could to a scene from AC4 : shattered skies , mission 12 if i remember correctly , where we had to destroy the ever-awesome Stonehenge Turret Network , AND kill a member of the yellow squadron , which turned out to be yellow 4 ...... :iconcryforeverplz: so sad !!!

anyhoodly doodle , enjoy !!!

AC and STN belong to ....... namco i think .
done in 3ds max with great pain !!!
all UVs were done by the generous , stoopid UV guy whose name is still a mystery !!!
:iconhomerwoohooplz: woohoo , i stole a tag from a user i don't know !!!


1.- You must post these rules.
2.- Each person has to share 5-13 things about them
3.- Answer the 5-13 questions asked to you and invent 5-13 questions the people you tag will have to answer 

5. - Tag 5-13 people and inform them that they are tagged
4. - Tag-backs are ALLOWED
5.-YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry.
6. - You have to finish this within a week. If not; you'll have to do whatever the creator tells you to. Art, rp, etc.
7. - Be creative with the title. No "I've Got Tagged" things.
8. - Cussing is ALLOWED

9. - You can skimp a little on the questions, but only if necessary.

Things About Me:
1 ) Rammstein ftw !!!

2 ) the " Trinity " is almost complete , which means bad news for all !!!

3 ) Ace Combat 4 and Zero still rock after so many years !!!

4 ) i've forgotten most of my English lessons !!!

5 ) i'm currently considering recreating THE game .

6 ) i'm also considering making a totally new Real Time Strategy game ( i promise NOTHING !!! )

7 ) boy do i love designing AIs for games !!!

8 ) for the first time in my life , i can't wait for autumn , so i can study !!!

9 ) i just realized something , i have the Chandelier , the Stonehenge , and the Megalith , but i only use the Stonehenge !!! why did i create the other two ?

10 ) i fed the neighborhood dog some chicken bones the other day , she couldn't stop wagging her tail !!!

11 ) imo , Homer Simpson is THE wisest cartoon character EVER !!!

12 ) i can't think of anything else !!!

13 ) i've said enough !!!

questions from the user i stole this from !!!
1) What made you want to make a DeviantArt account?
a story about Malefor , but i stayed for the watchers !!!

2) What is your favorite Deviation (one you made yourself) ?
uhhhhhhh ........... ummmmmmmmmmm ........... i guess the picture i did of the Stonehenge Turret Network , i spent an awful lot of time on that model !!!

3) Have you ever been to an art convention before? (Anime Expo, AnthroCon, Comic-Con, etc.)
nope !!! i don't plan to either !!!

4) Is it hard for you to draw stuff?
hell yeah !!! that's why i model stuff .

5) How do you feel about drugs?
if it's for medicinal purposes , i guess it's ok-ish , but i just can't accept using them as a way to escape from reality .

7) What do you look for in artists? (Style, Quality, ect...)
honestly ? their personality !!! i've seen LOTS of artists here who deserve to be called " artist " , but i just plain HATE their personality , so they're kinda on my blacklist !!!

8) What's Your dream house like?
it has 4 walls , it has a floor and a ceiling !!!

meh , i've had a good run !!!

10) Do you ever feel invincible when playing a certain videogame?
Command and Conquer Generals Shockwave babeh !!!

my questions time !!!

1 ) how do you like me ?!!!
2 ) do you regret watching me ?
3 ) if a certain SOMEONE ( totally not me !!! ) told you exactly where you live and what you're wearing RIGHT NOW , what would you do ?!!!
4 ) one of your friends tells you s/he's done terrible things , and that YOU were in some way involved in it . how would you feel ?
5 ) if i uploaded my story , would you guys read it ?
6 ) your favorite video game ?
7 ) congratulations , you've become the undisputed , uncontested , ultimate leader of your country !!! sadly , every country has enemies , and they all want you dead , and now your enemies have invaded your country !!! what kind of belief would you promote to strengthen your country ? ( do you promote your country's proud history/ideology , or denounce those cave-dwelling filth-bags , etc. )
8 ) congratulations leader , you've won the war !!! what do you do to your enemy ?
9 ) beautiful !!! your enemy deserved no better !!! however , the UN's condemning your regime , and the 3 million civilians your soldiers killed , how do you justify yourself ?
10 ) " leader !!! don't drink that !!! " says a mysterious man in your bedroom from behind a newspaper with the eyes cut out . " remember what your enemies said about making you pay for your crimes ? what if they've ....... poisoned that glass of water ? ooooh the whole thing reeks of conspiracy i tells ya !!! now if you were so kind as to give my department , saying whose name is a crime punishable by death , some extra funding , we'll be able to conduct several secret studies with ...... secret results . what'll it be , leader ? "

hahahahah , tagging time !!!

i tag :iconguidifier: ( yeah you ) , :iconaliyaria: , :iconexplodedpineapple: , :iconkathrin656: ( get crackin' ) , :iconbiospectrumnox: .
  • Mood: Humor
  • Listening to: nowt !!!
  • Reading: nowt !!!
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  • Playing: nowt !!!
  • Eating: nowt !!!
  • Drinking: nowt !!!
F-117 nighthawk by BigMaleforFan
F-117 nighthawk
me do stuff ? that's unpossible !!!

i was thinking about a particular chapter of my story when this came into mind . and thanks to some VERY helpful advice from :iconexplodedpineapple: , i could finally make this picture , hope you guys like it !!!

the nighthawk model was done by me .
the background i found in google images .

p.s. : i know , i suck at PS , so don't bother bringing that out !!!
well guys , my master's exam results have finally arrived , and as much as i wanted to get a high grade ..... i didn't . which means i failed the test , and now i have to attend conscription .

well ........ that's about it .

oh wait , there's one more thing i should mention ................... I LIED !!! my total rank among ...... several thousand people was 37 , which is very good considering i only studied for a month !!! hopefully i can finally get out of that pathetic excuse for a university , and attend a real one !!!
  • Mood: Triumph
  • Listening to: Beethoven 9 !!!
  • Reading: woooords !!!
  • Watching: the screen !!!
  • Playing: my fingers !!!
  • Eating: it's nearly midnight here !!!
  • Drinking: what did i just say ?!!!
tagged by :iconkathrin656: AND :iconaliyaria: , i'm in heaven !!!

You must post these rules:

1. Each person must share 10 things about them. 
2. Answer the 10 questions asked to you, and invent 10 new questions that shall be asked to the people you will tag. 
3. Choose 10 people, and put their icon on your journal. 

Ten things about me 
1 ) i'm currently working on a new program , called " Trinity " , which will give me an edge ... against you !!!
2 ) i'm stressed out !!!
3 ) my current favorite movie genre is parody movies !!!
4 ) i've spent so much time on non-anime stuff , that i've forgotten all about Evangelion !!!
5 ) my favorite course was Operation Research , and i was scary good at it too !!!
6 ) i want to study AI , so i can replace humanity's natural stupidity !!!
7 ) no university for me means i should grab a gun and hut ... two ... three ... four !!!
8 ) DA is a part of my life now , i can't really imagine my life without it !!!
9 ) i love each and every one of my friends ( platonic love )
10 ) no more personal secretinos for you !!!

:iconkathrin656:'s questions
1) You see a pony what do you do?
real pony ? give it a pat on the head !!! cartoon pony ? commit suicide !!! i'm not living in the same world as those things !!!

2) there's your perfect dream guy/girl in front of you but they're a total asshole what do you do?
i ..... will ...... BREAK ..... HER !!!

3) If you had a castle, hot servants and a cupcake would you trade it all for a lifetime supply of cookies?
hot servants eh ? ....... no cookies for me i guess !!!

4) Something happened and you forgot everything you knew how to do, what do you do?
first thing is to do is to sit down , have a nice cup of tea , and never get up again !!!

5) You get a chance to rule the world but if you accept cookies will cease to exist do you accept?
i already rule a great majority of the world , so i would definitely accept !!!

6) 3+54586-(3238274/32938294242)*5454-3242342+43242-423-(-4343/342342%)=?
use a calculator you lazy bum !!!

7) You find a hot guy/girl in your room what do you do? (I know what I'd do hehehe)

8) If you got stuck on a deserted island with one item what would that item be?
my Lenny !!!

9) If you found yourself in "Ansatsu Kyōshitsu" situation would you try to kill the teacher or would you run away?
always kill the teacher , even if you don't know what the situation refers to !!!

10) Do you think I'm weird? (depending on your answer you might or might not lose your life)
we have a say in our language , " only crazy people can like other crazy people " , and since i'm weird beyond comprehension , that's a yes !!!

:iconaliyaria:'s questions
1) What would you do if you had to choose between the love of your life and ruling the world?
what's with everyone and ruling the world ?!!! i'd save my love .

2) What type of animal would you prefer to have? (If you have an animal or don't, no exceptions!)
i don't know really !!! something cute ( no dogs !!! )

3) Do you like MLP? Problem?
...... i won't dignify that with response !!!

4) What would you do if everyone you loved was a computer?! 
most of them already are ( or at least , online entities ) !!!

5) What do you hope for in the future?!
to live , work , marry my love , have kids with her , you know , the average man's life !!!

6) What's your biggest dream?
to have a dream !!!

7) What's your most biggest enemy?!
what is my most biggest enemy ?!!! lots of things !!!

8) Do you hope for love in your life?
of course !!!

9) Do you hope for children?
OF COURSE !!! they're so cute !!!

10) Do you hope for these questions to end?!
:iconhomerwoohooplz: woohoo , i'm free !!!

i tag no one !!!
  • Mood: Triumph
  • Listening to: a song whose name i don't know !!!
  • Reading: my own writing
  • Watching: the screen !!!
  • Playing: my tongue with my teeth !!!
  • Eating: naaaaaaah !!!
  • Drinking: naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah !!!

Journal History


BigMaleforFan's Profile Picture
you can call me pedi !!!
heyo !!! i'm Pedram ( it's pronounced like " pe-drum " ) . you can call me by any of the following nicknames :

1 ) Pedi
2 ) Pedo
3 ) pedi krueger
4 ) krueger

i'm generally friendly and understanding , and i LOVE making new friends , and i LOVE learning about other cultures . but of course , i have my dark moments . hopefully you'll never witness my dark side . those who have , are no longer with us ................... by which i meant " they're not among my friends anymore " !!!

i have a habit of asking weird and awkward questions , so don't feel offended if you're my next victim , i don't mean anything by it !!!

i'm a major Ace Combat fan ( at least until they took place in Strangereal ) , my favorite country was Erusea , my favorite game was Ace Combat Zero , and i LOVE the soundtrack !!!

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Okay do you think this might help us both I would like my two dragoness Saphira and misty to be about the heigh of Malefor's chin, and for grant to be the same heigh of malefor.

I found this heigh dragon chart by a friend of mine see what you think…
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Ahh... i saw on your username lolz your a fandom of malefor " eek " do you have pictures of him 
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We got a new Jurassic World Trailer. Not all to sure what I should think about it yet.
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So, I ve made a few screenshots now! WIP Master Sword Zelda by ExplodedPineapple
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ExplodedPineapple Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Hey buddy, just wanted to drop by and say hi! I just got my new schedule^^! - Seems like I will 3DSmax in Semester 2 (meaning: I will start with Maya :D !) - And the PS-course starts in 2 weeks XD ! I just wanted to say that I will be offline from wednesday til friday every week - At least, that s my guess so far since the study-plan is pretty packed - Not impossible to do, but I think I will be busy fixing my records during that days^^!
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Hey Pedi! Look! Michael Bay directed a Skate-video!
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Heya little boy!
You think to yourself now determined: Oh no, who is that? :nuu:

:giggle: But do not worry!
I just say : Sydney ( him think for a female ), what he is not, in my creation! ^_°

Well, now you know who I am? :D (
"Blue is my cousin!" )
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