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Challenger by ExplodedPineapple

wow !!! this is VERY beautiful and i kid you not !!! visually speaking , the effects are amazing . the shadows ( specially the shadows ...

Follow Me by ExplodedPineapple

as expected from an awesome artist like yourself , this is really perfect !!! the background is beautiful , the character is also well ...


by which i meant " for the good of me " !!! hihihi i'm so evil !!!

as some of you may know , i'd like to study AI for my masters . right now , i have barely a month , 12 books to study , and all are pretty big books . i can't keep up with DA , AND study hard at the same time . so i'll have to leave DA for now , until the test is finished . i may reply to random comments , but it's unlikely .

wish me luck !!!

got bored !!!

1) What is your favorite season?
spring !!! it’s a happy season , birds chirping , blossoms in the air , and so on !!!

2) What is your favorite color?
I guess yellow , I’m not sure though .

3) Favorite type of music?
our traditional music , and also Beethoven !!!

4) Favorite food?
anything edible !!!

5) What type of shoes do you like wearing most?
uhhhhhhhhhh …… ummmmmm …… Sports shoes ?!!!

6) Favorite animal (for this please use Earth animals)?
pigeons and vultures !!!

7) Chunky or smooth peanut-butter, or are you allergic?:
the last time I actually ate peanut butter was …… 6 or so years ago , and it was only 1 bite !!! I don’t even  know what it tastes like .

8) White or wheat bread?
wheat bread !!! I loooooooove wheat bread !!!

9) Have a lucky number?
13 !!!

10) Jeans, skirt, pants, pajamas, or shorts?:
skirt ……………… hehehehe jk !!! at home I usually wear pajamas , or shorts . outside ? pants .

Alright so let's get to know you a little better!

11) Can you sing like an angel or is it like running nails down a chalk-board?:
my friends say ( and my mom agrees ) that my voice is like Dr. N.gin from the crash series !!!

12) Do you sing along to your music around people? What about dancing to your music… in public?:
yeah , dream on !!!

13) Play any musical instruments, how well?:
no , I can tap my fingers on the table pretty well though !!!

14) If you were taken to a karaoke bar what's the first song you'd pick (you have to sing, no choice)?:
hmmmmm , Rammstein : Mein Hertz Brennt . this song is very symbolic to our group .

15) Any good at sports? Got any sport you're amazing at?:
I wouldn’t call It amazing , but I’ve been wrestling since I was 5 or so , so I guess I’m a pretty good grappler !!!

16) Even if you didn't go to school, what would have been your best subject? Your worst subject?:
literature , definitely literature !!!

17) Hey, do you have a lot of friends or just a few, do you even HAVE friends?:
just a couple , and some online friends .

18) Got a best friend?:
Guido !!!

19) So what is your ideal job (legal or otherwise)?:
legal : AI designer

Illegal : hacker ( that’s right !!! )

Nothing else available : * shudders * programmer

20) Alright, so let's say you get a day off from the dream job, what do you do on your day off?:
chat with my wonderful , wonderful online friends !!!

So, how about some health questions?

21) Do you smoke; do you drink, heavily on either one?:
neither , thank you !!!

22) Would you say you eat healthy?:
 I’d eat insects right off the ground given the chance !!!

23) What about your eyes? Are you blind in one of them?:
actually yes , they had to empty out my right eye .

24) Can you hear or do you need assistance in that?:
my right ear’s a bit weak , but I can hear fine .

25) Is your body in good shape? Do you work out?:
not in good shape , but I do work out !!! I do regular weight training ( nothing too fancy , just enough ) and Judo !!!

26) Are you missing any limbs?:
my right pinky finger , and the right ring finger as well .

27) Were you born with any health problems: asthma, high blood pressure, cancer, etc.?:
no , I was born perfectly healthy ( I think )

28) Have you gained any health problems in your life: breast cancer, diabetes, arthritis, burns?:
severe 3rd degree burns on the right side of my body , and it sucks .

29) Is there something that is different about you mentally: split-personality, ADD, hallucinations, etc.?:
I think I’m mentally sane , but then again , every single mental patient says the exact same thing !!!

30) Is your body covered in scars?:
do burns count ?

I feel like I'm really starting to get to know you! I'm going to ask about your love life now.

31) First off, do you have a preference?:
definitely girls ( yes , I’m an oppressive bigot fascist racist bastard who deserves to fry in hell , sue me !!! )

32) So, do you like anyone in particular? Do they like you back?:
yes , but she prefers to be alone , so I won’t bother her with any romantic stuff until she asks .

33) Are you a virgin? Was it lost willingly?:
yup !!!

34) So if you were married, would you want kids?:
absolutely !!!

35) List ALL of your secret kinks (feet, bondage, blood, wrists, fish-net, BDSM, cat-ears, school girls/boys, etc.):
whaaaaaaa ?!!! my kinks are none of your business !!!

36) Do you like to cuddle?:
never cuddled before , how should I know ?

37) If you got to choose who you lost/lose your virginity too, who would it be?:
I don’t know , seriously what kind of question is this ?!!!

38) Who was your first kiss?:
hasn’t happened yet ( loser !!! )

39) Where, to you, would be a kinky place to have sex? And a romantic place
………… who designed this meme ?!!!

40) How much do/would you actually LIKE having sex?:
I don’t really think about this kind of stuff ?!!!

Feeling a bit uncomfortable? Well we're going into your family now. If you have children we're going to focus on your own childhood.

41) How many are in your family?:
my direct family ? me and my sister , and my parents . my whole family ? over 100 !!!

42) How many members of your family are still alive?
21 people in our family died in our war with Iraq , the rest are still alive ( thank god !!! )

43) What's the relationship you have/had with your family?:
very very close .

44) Do you think your parents would/are proud of you and the way you are now?:
they could have been more proud of me , but I guess they tolerate me .

45) Since a lot of people consider pets as part of the family, did/do you have any?:
well there’s this dumb dog in my neighborhood , and she seems to really love me , and I fed it a couple of times , and now I feed her every night , does that count ?!!!

46) What's a pleasant memory you have of your family?:
pretty much everyone !!!

47) What's a bad memory?:
i'd rather not think about it .

48) Where did you live when you were growing up?:
in a house , located in a city called “ Karaj ” , in a Bronx-like neighborhood ( seriously , that place was dangerous . i don't know how i survived )

49) Ever try to run away/get kicked out?:
why would I do that ?

50) Did you have your own room when you were growing up?:
yup !!!

Right, so we're going to get a bit dirty now, just a little bit though.

51) List seven bad-habits (you're welcome to list more than seven).:
1 ) I have a tendency to hack people ( not my watchers though )

2 ) I laugh like a mad scientist every sentence or two .

3 ) I’m too competitive .

4 ) I suck at explaining things .

5 ) I don’t care about the consequences of my actions .

6 ) I’m too short sighted .

7 ) I procrastinate .

52) What are five major irritations/pet-peeves of yours?:
1 ) fascists and similar scum .

2 ) religious zealots ( and this is coming from a religious guy )

3 ) people who don’t notice me until they need me .

4 ) people who think their life sucks because their parents bought them a white Iphone 6 instead of a black one , or for similar reasons . seriously people , grow up !!!

5 ) people who can’t take another opinion make me SICK .

53) What would make you get into a fist fight, even if you were a pacifist by nature?:
I get into fistfights every single day , unless proven otherwise !!! the correct form of this question should be “ what wouldn’t make you get into a fistfight ? ”

54) Would you ever steal for fun?:
stuff ? never . information ? in a flash .

55) If offered, would you do hard drugs? Have you already done them?:
I’ve used medical morphine , does that count ?

56) What is your deepest fear?:
that someone finds out about my second deepest fear !!!

57) What is your darkest secret?:
if I told you , it wouldn’t be a secret , now would it ?!!!

58) What have you done that you are ashamed of?:
ruined several people’s lives .

59) Have you ever caused someone to break down into tears?:
yes .

60) List seven flaws, starting with your biggest (Flaw ex: racist, sexist towards either gender, procrastinator, never on time, self-deprecating, etc).
I answered this before !!!

Alright so this part may be a little tough for you. We're going to get deep in the mud with the questions. Now answer truthfully!

61) What would cause you to murder someone? Have you murdered someone?:
I’ve done stuff that has led to someone’s life being completely ruined , I guess that’s kinda like murder . but I won’t say what caused it .

62) Have you ever contemplated suicide?:
yes , committed a couple of times too .

63) Have you ever been arrested for something more than a misdemeanor?:
yes , I was nearly sent to jail actually !!! luckily ……….. lack of evidence !!!

64) Would you take pleasure in torturing someone if it was someone you absolutely despised and loathed with every fiber of your being?:
I’ve saved people from being completely humiliated . people who have cost me some $30000 and over 2 years of my life . I’ve protected them from people who wanted to hurt her . I forgave her . so no , I wouldn’t take pleasure in someone else’s torture , even if it's someone i hate .

65) If you could take revenge on everyone who has ever hurt you, would you?
hmmmmmmmmm …………. I would think so . one person who hurt me hasn’t been seen in our university for the last month , missing his finals .

66) What action would make you unable to look at yourself in the mirror?
i’m not saying , but sadly I’ve already made such decisions , and committed such actions .

67) Let's say you found the love of your life. You have a child with them and some unexpected life-threatening event occurs where you have to choose your child or the love of your life, whom do you choose?
shoot them both and then myself !!!

68) Could you kill a child for any reason?
dear god no !!! even I consider that murder !!!

69) Would you sleep with someone to gain more power/a higher position/status?:
………… I don’t know actually !!! if it’s a female , maybe . a guy ? never !!!

70) Would you kill someone for power/a higher position/status?
nope !!!

Yeaaah I think a shower is in order, and maybe some comfort food. Alright, let's do something light and nice to make up for the depression I've induced.

71) Anyone you admire? Why do you admire them?:
Stephen Hawking . his physical status is worse than me , and he never gave up .

72) What do you do when you're upset?:
I don’t know , talk to friends ?

73) What would be an instant pick-me-up for you if you were having a bad day?:
anything edible !!! 

74) List seven nervous habits (running your hand through you hair, rubbing the inside of your wrist, rubbing the back of you neck, rambling, etc.).
I don’t really know , ask my family .

75) Do you like to sleep on a soft mattress or a stiff one?
if It’s a mattress , I’m sleeping on it !!!

76) Do you/did you sleep with a stuffed animal?:
yes , like I’m some 5 year old girl !!!

77) Do you like to sleep in late or even on days off you wake up early?:
I sleep for as long as I need it !!!

78) Any collections (bottle caps, masks, art, gadgets, etc.)?
useless data from other people’s computers .

79) Any hobbies?:
hacking people , watching the simpsons , listening to music , developing my own algorithms , stuff like that !!!

80) Would you rather play board games, video/computer games or what?:
depends on the mood , and the game .

Feel a little better? Not completely? Alright so here's so more light fun questions.

81) Shower or bath?:
Shower , I don’t have the time , nor the luxury of a bath !!!

82) Hot or cold water for the previous question?
in between .

83) Favorite kind of dessert (hard candy, chocolate, jelly-beans, cake, pie, etc.)?:
anything edible !!!

84) What is your favorite ice-cream flavor and what is a flavor that sounds terrible to you?:
anything edible you idiot !!!

85) What type of toppings do you put on your ice-cream, do you put any toppings?

86) Driver's seat or passenger?:

……… I don’t know actually . whichever .

87) Any particular place you want to visit (can be ANYWHERE, the moon, Disneyland, anywhere)?:
Russia , and the US .

88) What animal would you want to be (again for ease please use animals on earth)?:
vulture !!!

89) Favorite plant (tree, plant, flower your choice)?:

Salix babylonica . I love those !!!

90) Favorite smell (lilacs, cinnamon, fresh laundry, blood, etc.)?
vanilla , and cake !!!

Feel all better now? Good! Just a few more questions!

91) Go to a play/musical, watch a movie, or read a book?
depends on the book , the play , and the movie , but never the musical !!!

92) Do you have a religion?:
I believe in Islam .

93) Do you believe in karma?:
not really . there have been tens of thousands of people who have done bad stuff , and never received their fair share of justice .

94) If someone was broken down on the side of the road would you stop to help them?:
depends on the person , and my mood at the moment .

95) What sort of super power would you want to have (you can only have one power)?
teleportation , I’m so lazy !!!

96) A genie is giving you three wishes, what do you wish for (no wishing for more wishes)?:
1 ) world peace .

2 ) I’d wish to be happy , no matter what happens .

3 ) I’d wish for you to come up with better questions for the next poor user !!!

97) Where and what's your ideal place to live?:
I don’t know really .

98) Setting aside whether or not you fight, what is the type of weapon would you use?:
the knife .

99) The end of existence has been announced, you have a day until it ends, what do you do?:
say goodbye to my family and friends I guess ?

Last question

100) do you like yourself?
not at all , but I haven’t died yet , so I guess I’ll have to deal with it .

warning : anything i wrote above may be a lie , meant to confuse you . and so can be this line !!! hihihi i'm so evil !!!

Tagging time !!!

I tag :iconexplodedpineapple: , :iconvmarita1992: , :iconkathrin656: , :iconaliyaria: , :iconguidifier:

  • Mood: Pirate
  • Listening to: Rammstein : mein hertz brennt
  • Reading: this .... thing !!!
  • Watching: the monitor
  • Playing: my feet !!!
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: nothing
Chieftain tank by BigMaleforFan
Chieftain tank
wow , 2 in 1 night ? i'm in desperate need of a life to get !!!

the English chieftain tank !!! a cute little thingie if i say so myself !!! specially the ... turret ( i think it's called turret ) ... no one can take it seriously with THAT design !!!

you know i don't do UVs , so blame " the guy " for whatever's wrong with the coloring and stuff . otherwise , enjoy !!!
M1A1 Abrams by BigMaleforFan
M1A1 Abrams
:iconnedflandersplz: hi diddly ho frienderinos !!!

this behemoth is one of the scariest things i've ever seen in my life , and i've seen a looooooot of scary things !!! if you've ever seen one up close , you'd know what i'm talking about . but since we all have to face our fears sooner or later , here ya go !!!

as usual , the UVs weren't done by me , but by a friend ( who probably downloaded it off the internet ) . i just modelled the thing .

enjoy !!!
CFA 44 Nosferatu : view 3 by BigMaleforFan
CFA 44 Nosferatu : view 3
i know , i've really gone too far by uploading the same picture from 3 angles , but i like it !!!

the plane is namco's

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you can call me pedi !!!
seriously , who'd be interested in my life story ?!!!

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Well, now you know who I am? :D (
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That s a little WIP-screenshot. I did this with a tutorial^^!
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